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The trail system in our backyard is arguably Eagle's best kept secret......but not for long. We are in the process of mapping out all of the trails that you can ride to from our Hotel! Thats right, miles of trails, hours of riding, all in the backyard of Eagle Lodge & Suites.

The trail system through Hardscrabble Mountain takes riders through 24,000 acres of land! Trails include: Abrahms Ridge, Blue Grouse, Bone Yard, Red Neck Ridge, Catwalk, Dead Cow, Easy Rider, Mikes Night Out, Pipeline, Star Wars, Second Gulch, Third Gulch, Yellow Chair and Worlds Greatest, Elk Drop and more!

You can use our pre-mapped courses located under "Eagle Trail Guides" as a starting point for your adventures, or create a ride tailored to your ability based upon the trails that we have already mapped out for you. Remember to be safe, respect the trails, wildlife and other riders, but most importantly have fun while you are in the area.

Eagle Trail Guides
I sincerely hope that you get a chance to enjoy the trails I have mapped out for you. I have lived in over 10 cities in both Northern and Southern California, Chicago, Virginia and now Colorado. I have explored the outdoors since I was a child in each of the places I have lived. This really is "God's Country" out here in the Rockies, and the beauty that these trails offer is truly unique.

You can use the widget on the right to view my profile on everytrail.com. Once there you can download all of my maps to your smartphone so that you can remain comfortable and confident that you are headed in the right direction once you get here and begin exploring.

I consider myself to be your average weekend warrior, and if I can ride these trails so can you. If you have any questions at all please call the Hotel and I will be glad to answer them. See you on the trails.

-Ralph Ciarlanti IV
Sales/Marketing Manager

Bone Yard/Red Neck Ridge

Click Here for a More Detailed Map

Bone Yard/Pool & Ice Rink

Click Here For A More Detailed Map

2nd/3rd Gulch Loop

Click Here For A More Detailed Map

Elmer's/Hockett Gulch

Click Here For A More Detailed Map

Tick Alley/Star Wars/Ledges

Click Here For A More Detailed Map